Kristina Gasser

– Owner/Head Coach

– CF-L1 Certified Trainer

  • CrossFit Level One Coach

Hi!! I’m Kristina Gasser, owner of CrossFit Structured.  I was introduced to CrossFit in December, 2013 and I haven’t looked back since. In my mind, the CrossFit methodology epitomizes all the best parts of sport. I strongly believe that every human can improve their quality of life with a well-planned functional fitness and dietary program. When I’m not at the gym you’ll find me either playing with my family or continuing my education for my passion of peak human fitness and nutrition. I truly love to teach and share my knowledge of the sport of fitness. Most importantly, I am here to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels like a necessary part of our community and to see that you all achieve your goals.

My interests include: Eating pain and spitting out results, dropping it like it’s hot, riding dirty, getting busy, NOT making excuses, huge gains, sweat stains, tight thighs, butts and guts, eating Sushi and anything BBQ’d, PR’s, Squats and Deadlifts, loud music, eating RP, food snobbery, good coffee, a good red beer and CrossFit. Did I mention eating?


Kelci Cook

– CF-L1 Certified Trainer

Hi, I’m Kelci. I am extremely passionate about health and fitness. I first started CrossFit when Structured opened in 2012. I remember walking in to the sound of clanking weights and loud music, and I instantly knew I had found my niche. From that day on, I began striving for fitness. Once I dialed in my nutrition, and began eating “Real food, not too much, mostly plants”, I began experiencing true health. CrossFit is for anyone. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a 76-year-old grandpa, or striving to compete in the CrossFit games, CrossFit will make you stronger, faster, and most of all, better your health. Besides, aren’t we all just trying to prevent disease and kick butt heading into our 90s?
I absolutely love coaching CrossFit. I love coming in every day and pushing, encouraging, empowering, and admiring our athletes. I believe a positive, encouraging, and no-excuse environment will allow us to strive and thrive.

If I am not lifting a barbell, I’m either surfing in the ocean, choking someone out at Jiu-Jitsu, or enjoying an overpriced almond milk latte.


Heath Fisher

– Coach

  • Level one coach

Hey there! My name is Heath and I have been a crossfit athlete since the age of Fourteen. Originally I started coaching at the first box I trained at, Crossfit Altadena. When I got dragged to the gym by my in shape neighbor I hated it. I started off like everybody, intimidated by the loud music and slamming weights, dreading burpees and running, and commonly throwing up after a hard session. Soon, it progresses into me going more, then even more so, until the point where I decided to make this my sport. The 2018 season was my first open, in which I trained for month in order to prepare. I took 214 / 3,101 teenage athletes worldwide. I have a dream of making it to the games which I plan on making a reality.

Other than training constantly I love eating, psychology, philosophy, fashion, and programming for training. I look forward to having new faces in the classes I coach, see you on our journey to better ourselves together.